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Our Story

ABC Castings is a Non-Ferrous foundry that has been in operation at its Riverwood site since 1984, when founder Bob Hansberry amalgamated two foundries FW Castings and ABC Castings.

Since its inception ABC Castings has grown to be a highly respected leader of innovation in the industry, specialising in automated green sand moulding, chemically bonded sand moulding, gravity die casting, heat treatment and expertise in the facilitation of machining and powder coating to suit all needs.

ABC takes pride in its ability to produce top quality aluminium and brass/ bronze castings using only the best quality locally sourced specified ingots.

ABC Castings is an 100% Australian owned and operated business with over fifty five years of expertise in the industry, known and respected for its production of hazardous location electrical fittings, mechanical components, railway signalling, street and park furniture, metering equipment and commercial lighting, ABC can assist in all your needs.


We utilise a variety of techniques and methods to produce the highest of quality.

Automated Sand Moulding

ABC utilises the only automated green sand moulding machine for non ferrous metals in Australia. This technology gives our company a distinct advantage to produce high quality castings quickly and efficiently.

The automatic moulding process utilizes one-time-use sand moulds. Green sand is air blown into the flasks and hydraulically squeezed simultaneously against both sides of the match-plate pattern. The cope and drag flasks are mechanically located together forming a sand mould into which the aluminium or brass/ bronze is poured. After retrieval of the casting from the mould, the sand is reconditioned ready for use.

Chemically Bonded Sand Moulding

For larger castings production, ABC utilises hand crafted chemically bonded sand moulding. In 2017 ABC Castings installed the state of the art cold sand reclamation system. By continually reclaiming sand, ABC Castings has achieved a huge reduction in waste, to further benefit our surrounding environment.

Gravity Die Casting

ABC has four gravity die casting machines ready to produce top quality castings with speed and efficiency.

Gravity Die Casting is a permanent mould casting process, where the molten metal is poured from a ladle into the mould. The mould cavity fills with no force other than gravity.

Heat Treatment

ABC has the benefit of an in house T6 heat treatment for aluminium. Our ability to perform T6 heat treatment on-site gives us total control over quality of the product ensuring that all our castings have the required physical properties.

Heat treatment is the process of heating the metal, holding it at that temperature, and then cooling it back. During the process, the metal part will undergo changes in its mechanical properties as the high temperature alters the microstructure of the metal.


ABC hold true to maintaining control over all facets of the casting production. Core making is a vital part of this process, with ABC having the benefit of two hot box core making machines on site to cater for all types of core production.


Our company prides itself on its ability to produce fine castings, and this process does not end until our team of dressers finish the task at hand, making the job ready to be shipped for machining or straight to the customer.


Christie Engineering have been using ABC Castings for over 20 years. Their work is consistently of the highest of quality. We have always experienced quick turnaround times, friendly and helpful customer service and a great business relationship. ABC Castings produce many major components for our Post Driver and Battery Charger products. We seek the best quality for our products and ABC Castings have always delivered. A big plus for us is that ABC Casting is a locally owned business. We highly recommend ABC Casting to everyone.

Peter Christie

Director, Christie Engineering

CMI Electrical manufactures the Minto range of restrained plugs, receptacles, bolted couplers and adaptors to service the cable coupling requirements of the mining industry throughout the world The Minto name has become synonymous with quality and safety. Our 14 years of association with ABC castings for the supply of precision bronze castings are used in our hazardous areas product range. Particularly those used in underground coal mining, who specify them for their precision and excellence in engineering. Which in no small way is directly attributed to the excellent castings that ABC Castings produces.

John Pongrac

Product Marketing Manager, CMI Electrical

Over more than 30 years working with ABC Castings, we have found the product quality to be good and the staff to be friendly, professional and quick to respond to any issues.
Brett Dinham

Production Engineer Transport and Technology, UGL Pty Limited


ABC offers a personalised delivery for the Sydney Metropolitan area.

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We have offered superior casting services for more then 40 years, and you can trust that we will achieve the highest quality possible on every order.

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